American Society of Golf Course Architects

Design & Build Your Course Step-by-Step
Step 1 Step 1: Project Feasibility
All golf course projects begin with a vision. However, the important first step in building a golf course is determining whether this vision is financially sound. The lingering question of “Should we do this?” is best be answered by bringing together a team of experts to analyze the facts. Read more »
Step 2 Step 2: Choosing a Golf Course Architect
When those searching for golf course architects select an ASGCA member for their project, they know they are choosing among the very best the industry has to offer. Read more »
Step 3 Step 3: Site Selection
Choosing a site for your golf course can make or break a project. The process of evaluation is multifaceted and there will often be a several options each with a different level of viability and appeal — both objective and subjective. Read more »
Step 4 Step 4: Land Planning
The site planner's role in a golf development project is to work in a collaborative effort amongst a team of professionals of various disciplines. This team guides the planning process and forges a strategy for development, which synthesizes the client's vision for a project. Read more »
Step 5 Step 5: Land Entitlements
Land Entitlements are the approvals necessary to make a project become reality. Problem solving and creativity is not just reserved for the design and strategy of golf courses. In this phase, they will be equally revered. Read more »
Step 6 Step 6: Financing
Without necessary funding and the proper investment, there are likely to be significant challenges to completing a new golf course development. The goal is to avoid these challenges and leave those to the golfers. Read more »
Step 7 Step 7: Construction Documents
It is important to utilize accurate drawings and easily understood charts and graphs when planning a golf course project. All team members and key decision makers should be familiar with the documents and understand their intent. Read more »
Step 8 Step 8: Golf Course Construction
Constructing a course is a highly specialized and technical affair. The decisions made in this phase will last a lifetime, so it’s essential that the job is done right from day one. Read more »
Step 9 Step 9: Golf Course Maintenance
A golf course is a living, breathing thing. Creating a quality golf course does not end the day the construction crew leaves. Instead, it is a lifelong process — to which the greatest attention needs to be given. Read more »
Step 10 Step 10: Ownership & Operation
People with vision, drive, determination and a love of the game build golf’s playing fields. Golf course owners — be they conglomerates that operates many courses or a simple family business operating a single golf course — are cornerstones of the golf business. Read more »