American Society of Golf Course Architects

Course Remodeling

With more than 16,000 existing golf courses dotting the landscape of the United States, it has become essential for many golf course architects to become well versed in the concepts processes behind course remodeling.

ASGCA members are often called upon to evaluate existing courses and help their respective leadership groups establish a plan to fix, freshen, adjust or add to a course’s current design.

To help arm architects, superintendents, club managers, builders, pros and ownership parties with knowledge necessary to further understand and prepare for a remodeling project, ASGCA developed an educational program titled “Remodeling University: A Short Course to a Better Course.” ASGCA also provides additional resources that help crystallize a remodeling effort.

Within this section you will find several examples of articles produced by ASGCA members that provide further guidance for planning potential projects. Many articles are also found in the Remodeling University Handbook.