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Environmental Case Studies
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Environmental Case Study: Granite Links Golf Course – Degraded Site Development through Shared Projects

A highway relocation and tunnel project in Boston, Mass., allowed John Sanford, ASGCA to reuse a large landfill as open space and create a championship golf course as part of the Quarry Hills Recreational Complex. Located in both the Town of Milton and City of Quincy, the complex includes the 27-hole Granite Links Golf Course, in addition to athletic fields, rock climbing sites, and hiking trails.

Environmental Case Study: Hunting Hawk Golf Club - Water Conservation and Habitat Enhancement

Bill Love, ASGCA, designed Hunting Hawk Golf Club in Glen Allen, Virginia, with a particular sensitivity to environmental issues due to the site’s existing characteristics and its location adjacent to the headwaters of the Chicohominy River. Love’s environmental approach to the property, formerly used for timber production, included the incorporation of naturalized areas, creation of wetland buffers for water quality protection, a reduction in the amount of high maintenance turf, formation of habitat for indigenous wildlife, formation of an on-site water recycling system, and establishment of an irrigation system for water conservation.

Environmental Case Study: Island Green Country Club - Reuse of a “Brownfields” Site

The Island Green Country Club in Philadelphia is the result of a long clean-up process and beneficial reuse of a former manufacturing plant site. Jim Blaukovitch, ASGCA, with George E. Ley Co., GCBAA worked with various companies and departments to restore a large expanse of idle land to a productive use, creating a quality golf course while working with numerous restrictions presented by the site and conditions of permitting.

Environmental Case Study: The Hideout Golf Club - Reclamation of a Degraded Site

While restoring the land from a degraded uranium mill to its natural condition, Arthur Jack Snyder, ASGCA and Forrest Richardson, ASGCA worked with the town of Monticello, Utah, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop a financially successful golf course that provides numerous environmental benefits.