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Water Book

Golf and Water Book

Pace of PLay

Pace of Play Flyer

Value of the Golf Course Talking Points

A booklet with facts and information promoting the positive financial, social and environmental impact a golf course brings to a community. The starting point for a good conversation on the strengths and benefits of our game and its playing field.

Turf Reduction Flyer
Golf Course Turfgrass Reduction: Environmentally and Strategically Sustainable

This one page flyer discusses how many golf clubs are reducing turfgrass amounts and how golf course architects can help in the planning process.

Golf & Water – How the Game is Working for the Environment

This one page flyer is provides an overview of how the golf industry continues to work in concert with the environment as it relates specifically to water.

The Golf Course Development Process: Questions & Answers

The decision to develop a new golf course is serious business. It requires significant time, land, resources and money. This guide helps explain the process down to the last detail.

Master Planning for Golf Courses: Questions & Answers

Master Planning yields great returns for anyone managing a golf course or considering a remodeling project. This document helps superintendents, club owners, managers and leaders understand the benefits of Master Planning — and its important component, Life Cycle Planning — for golf courses.

The Golf Course Remodeling Process: Questions & Answers

The remodeling of a golf course is undertaken for a variety of reasons. This document is a guide for the golf course owner or club planning a remodeling project.

Selecting Your Golf Course Architect: Questions & Answers

This four-page piece provides owners, developers and managers with details on the complex role a golf course architect plays in the planning, designing and building of a course.

Sample Request for Proposal for Golf Course Architectural Services

This document is an excellent companion to ASGCA's Selecting Your Golf Course Architect: Questions & Answers brochure, and provides owners, developers and managers with an essential framework for soliciting bids from golf course architects on their new course design or redesign project.

Life Cycle Chart

Compiled by ASGCA and reviewed by seven of the other Allied Associations of Golf (CMAA, GCBAA, GCSAA, NGCOA, NGF, PGA and USGA), the Life Cycle Chart is particularly important for long-term planning. It has two important planning applications for golf clubs: (1) to anticipate capital expenditures and (2) to foresee disruptions to play caused by unexpected component failure.

The Cost Factor: Tips & Techniques for Reducing Annual Maintenance Costs

This one-page tip sheet includes suggestions from golf course architects, builders and superintendents with design, construction and maintenance considerations that will positively affect budgets at any type of golf facility.