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Step 9: Golf Course Maintenance

design-step9-fullA golf course is a living, breathing thing. Creating a quality golf course does not end the day the construction crew leaves. Instead, it is a lifelong process - to which the greatest attention needs to be given.

Protecting Your Investment
"I owe a great debt to golf course superintendents. We (architects) can only provide great facilities with these well-trained professionals to maintain them." โ€” Robert Trent Jones, Sr.

The creation of a golf course can turn even an otherwise insignificant tract of land into a highly valuable property. The golf course architect's artistic skill and the builder's expertise can transform a desert, idle farmland โ€” even an old landfill, into an attractive asset that beckons golfers.

However, a golf course is an special kind of asset - one that requires attentive management. So while an architect and builder lay the groundwork for a truly spectacular golf course, without skilled management, a course will never achieve its full potential. Worse, without competent management, a course will surely and progressively deteriorate.

The Importance of GCSAA Superintendents
Hiring a golf course superintendent to your professional team early in the development process can help make visions of a truly spectacular golf course a reality โ€” and could potentially save money the owner money in the long run.

From the planning stage to day-to-day operations and long-term management, a Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) member will help protect the golf course. During the planning and construction phases, GCSAA members are essential in providing significant information and ideas to the architect and builder that can prevent costly maintenance problems, which could occur over time after the course opens for play.

GCSAA offers a number of resources to assist with the search for a professional golf course superintendent and is the best place to start when selecting your superintendent.

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